Hier kunt u coronaproof overnachten. Ook wij houden gepaste afstand. Zo kunt u evengoed genieten!

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About us...

Irma and Frank

Hi there, we are Irma and Frank,

We bought this farm in 1986 and are the creative brain behind all this. This very original Bed & Breakfast has welcomed so many enthusiastic guests since 2002.
Together with our new 'neighbors' and loving family we are about to make a next step in our lives, a fantastic future together here at the B&B. We are slowing things down a bit and getting ourselves ready for some long vacations... And they will keep this place running!



Cindy and Marcel

Hi there,

We are Cindy and Marcel and together with our two kids, Nikki and Thijs we live at the frontside of the farm. 

Cindy is co-owner of the B&B and as family of Irma and Frank she grew up with all of this and spent many years here.

Together we hope to realize all of our plans and fresh ideas. 

We believe In this B&B and love to keep it running while the 'grand-parents' are slowing it down a bit and enjoy their time together and explore the world.

Modernize and bring it up and running even more! 
B&B 2.0

Love to see you!!